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Our team is constantly on the lookout for the best Parisian flavors and new trendy addresses in order to propose to you an exclusive network of caterers, chefs, bartenders and wine merchants.

 The successful catering of food & beverage starts with choosing the right format according to your guests and budget.


Whether it’s a welcome coffee, breakfast, lunch buffet, a cocktail party, or a sited dinner, we’ll be able to accommodate your request. Through our network, we have developed packages at favorable pricing rates, which can be adjusted and personalized according to your desires. Pavillon Rive Gauche favours seasonal and local products and offers Vegan, Gluten free, Kosher, Halal options.

The chef or a caterer dedicated to your event will then work with your culinary wishes, on site at the Pavillon’s facilities, in order to make your event a bigger success.


Breakfast :

  • Assortment of mini pastries and croissants
  • Selection of seasonal fruits (2 varieties)
  • Hot drinks: coffee & tea
  • Fruit juice: orange and apple 
  • Still and sparkling water

Option :

Hot chocolate : +1€/pers

Freshly squeezed fruit juices: +3€/pers

Granola yogurt : +3€/pers

Fruit skewers: +3€/pers

Option cakes : lemon cake, banana bread, carrot cake : 6€/pers.

12€ incl tax / 14,40€ excl tax per person on a base of 50 persons 

Service included

Also applicable for a coffee break


Brunch Pavillon :

  • Breads and mini pastries (croissants, pain au chocolat,  chouquettes…)
  • Assortment of cakes
  • Fresh fruit skewers
  • Assortment of cold cuts and smoked salmon
  • Selection of cheeses
  • Omelette station with a chef on site

Drinks :

Coffee & tea (Earl Grey, Ceylon, green tea)

Freshly squeezed fruit juices (grapefruit, orange)

Sugar, milk in pods

45€ incl tax / 54€ excl tax per person on a base of 50 persons 

Service included

Barista option : on estimate 


Buffet :  

(Example of menu)



Assortment of 8 small individual portions:

Served by glass

Scottish salmon & guacamole / Vegan verrine: carrot carpaccio, honey, spices & aromatic herbs / Sea scallops & potatoes

Assortment of canapés

Truffle, mushroom & brie / Endive, Roquefort cream & walnuts / Scottish salmon & candied lemon / Marinated artichoke, Bayonne gold medal ham & mozzarella di bufala

Assortment of homemade bruschettas 

Country bread toasted with olive oil, garlic, pesto, burrata & Bayonne ham/ Medallion of sweet potato, feta, red onions & red fruits 


2 quiches from our selection 


2 salads from our selection 


Our desserts :

Assortment of mini cookies / Mini chocolate fondant / Mini traditional canelés / Mini financier nature & pistachio

37,50€HT / 45€TTC par pers sur une base de 50 personnes 


Inclus : Boissons soft et personnel 

Option : Sélection de nos vignerons + 8€/pers



Seated lunch :

(Example of menu)


Salmon tartar on a bed of avocado, pineapple condiment, red onions 


Burrata, beef heart tomato, fresh basil, balsamic cream 


Cornish game hen supreme, mashed potatoes with olive oil and thyme, candied tomato


Fillet of sea bream, white butter with tarragon, Camargue wild rice with vegetables, crunchy carrots 


Spinach and ricotta homemade ravioli, parmesan cheese cream


Royal chocolat: Dark chocolate mousse, feuillantine, cacao glaze

Fraisier : Vanilla mousse, strawberry, strawberry compote, genoise in syrup 

65€ inc tax / 78€ excl tax per person on a base of 50 persons

Included : Soft drinks and service

Option : Sélection of our winemakers + 8€/pers


Diner Pavillon – Individually served : 

(Example of menu)


First course - Selection

 Pumpkin cream soup with truffles 

Seared tuna  with soy and lime marinade, guacamole, seasonal salad on the side


Main course - Selection 

Guinea-fowl supreme, mashed potatoes with olive oil and thyme, tomato confit 

Risotto with green asparagus and parmesan curls 

Beef rump heart, Anna apple, caponata of vegetables, Armagnac sauce with Jamaican pepper and raisins


Dessert - Selection

Chocolate Moelleux 

Tarte tatin (Traditional apple based dessert from Normandie)

Coffee or Infusion 


Drinks : 

Red Wines

White Wines 

Soft and fruit juices

Still and sparkling water


105€ incl tax / 126€ excl tax per person on a base of 50 persons 

Service included


Diner Prestige – Individually served :

(Example of menu)


First course - Selection 

Scampi ravioli with lemongrass poached in a pot au feu broth 

Carpaccio of scallops with passion fruit and herbs mesclun 

pan-fried foie gras with mangoes


Main course - Selection 

Roasted sea bream with Thai basil and candied lemon, tray of mini vegetables and mashed potatoes - Candied bell pepper velouté 

Veal roast with rosemary, eggplant on toast and melting apples - Glazed veal juice 

Sea bass fillet, artichoke risotto, artichoke chips and red bell pepper coulis 


Dessert - Selection

Pavlova with pears, chestnuts and black sesame

Praline cabbage Paris Brest style 

Trio of citrus segments (Pomelos, orange and blood orange)

Seichuan pepper juice - Almond tile 

Coffee or Infusion - Colas Chocolates 


Drinks - Selection 

Red Wines

White Wines 

Soft and fruit juices

Still and sparkling water


125€ incl tax / 150€ excl tax per person on a base of 50 persons

 Service included


Option of 3 cocktails per person: +12,50€ incl tax / 15€ excl tax 

Option of Champagne: +10€ incl tax/12€ excl tax per person


Cocktail Bar :




Moscow Mule // Vodka, Lemon, Sugar Syrup, Ginger Beer, Cucumber

Gin Fizz // Gin, Bergamot, Lemon Zest, Perrier

Old Fashion // Whisky, Sugar Syrup, Orange Zest, Angostura

Old Cuban // Rum, Lemon, Sugar Syrup, Mint, Angostura, Top Prosecco



Jazz Club // Vodka, Cointreau, Vanilla-infused Jasmine Syrup, Homemade Passion Juice, Squeezed Lime Juice 

Raspberry Ripple // Vodka, Raspberry Juice, Cranberry Syrup infused with Thai Basil, Lemon Juice, Thai Basil

My Mai // Rhum, Cointreau, Pecan & Macadamisa Barley Syrup, Lime Juice, Tonka Bean

Laura Palmer // Gin, Elderflower Syrup, Cucumber, Lime Juice, Rosemary



Marine Cure // Gin, Acacia Honey, Bergamot Infusion, Citrus Zest, Lime Juice, Wakame Algae

Old Maicha // Bourbon, Maple Syrup, GenMaicha tea infusion with puffed rice, Orange Zest, Angostura

Blue Brothers // Rum, Cointreau, Acacia honey, Pineapple infusion, Pineapple passion fruit juice

Red Thai // Vodka, Agave Syrup, Strawberry & Basil Infusion, Strawberry & Red Fruit, Thai Basil


3 cocktails/pers: 35€ incl tax / 42€ excl tax on a base of 50 people


Cocktail Bar :


Assortment of 12 appetizers & drinks : 


Example of salted pieces :

Bell pepper stuffed with goat's cheese, sage and sesame 

Foie gras with fig confit

Salmon gravlax, daikon disc, grapefruit zest 

Dried duck breast, orange, hazelnut and mint supreme 

Bite size vegetable roll: purple carrot, red onion pickles and Greek yogurt 

Burratina, arugula and truffle vinaigrette  

Rolls zucchini, chicken with five flavors and fresh cheese 

Cube of crispy chicken marinated in lemon, date and dried apricots and spices 


Example of sweet pieces : 

Mini soft chocolate caramelized pecan nuts  

Mignardise with seasonal fruits and pastry cream 


Drinks : 

Red Wines

White Wines 

Soft and fruit juices

Still and sparkling water


75€ incl tax / 90€ excl tax per person on a base of 50 persons

Service and glassware included.


Champagne : +10€ incl tax /12€ excl tax / pers


Do not hesitate to contact our team for all your questions about catering services in Paris.

take a look at our event services.