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Behind Pavillon Rive Gauche there is a team ready to assist you in the organization of your event. Upon request, we are able to help you with the following services : scenography & decoration, technical services, security, hostess & rippers.

Technical services

On request, a manager can assist you before and during your event to ensure the proper technical functioning of your installations. It is possible to rent and set up audiovisual, sound and light installations (light spot, video projector, screen, sound system, stage lighting, etc.). Scaffolding to accesses the high ceilings can be installed upon request.


Scenography and decoration

We have a production department capable of carrying out your exhibition plans, proposing onsite decoration, and location set-ups whether it is for Fashion Week, an art exhibition or a private event reception. We offer a wide choice of furniture, floral decorations and any other needs and services that are necessary for the realization of your installation.

Party theme
Type of scenography possible for your celebrations
Chic theme
Example of a possible table for your dinners
Minimalist theme
Minimalist inspirations for your events


Security and valet

Just nearby the Pavillon Rive Gauche there is a private underground car parking lot available for day and night usage by your guests. It is also possible to arrange for a valet service who can park your guests vehicles the day of your event.

Upon request, a security guard can be scheduled to be present at your event. A security agent can also assist in implementing current health regulations by ensuring the use of hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance and the respect of safety distances.

Pavillon Rive Gauche has approved and trusted security service providers.


Depending on the number of guests, the presence of a security guard may be required.


Hostess – cloakroom and rippers

You can request our hostess service to welcome your guests, as well as a coatcheck services with racks, hangers and a ticket desk.  Hostesses/coatcheck staff can be dressed according to your event aesthetics and the number of coatcheck racks and staff required will be decided on according to the number of attendees of your event.


Do not hesitate to contact our team for all your questions about our event services.